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You don’t need to leave Thailand to change to an ED visa
You don’t need to make visa runs once you have an ED visa
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yet another extension

Thai Immigration has again extended the visa deadline for foreigners trapped in the country. The new cutoff date is now end of October, although it is likely that Immigration will offer another grace period beyond that if the borders are still closed. If you want to stay indefinitely and don’t want to take a chance on another free extension, then an ED visa is the most cost-effective and easiest way to remain in Thailand.

Don’t leave it too late! To get your ED visa issued before the next cutoff, you need to start the application process as soon as possible. Don’t miss out!

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Phuket education ED visa prices

Our prices include everything – there is nothing more to pay at immigration. We take care of everything, all you have to do is make one visit to Phuket Immigration Office with our representative to submit the application.

We make an application for a student letter from the Ministry of Education, complete your visa application, then submit it to Phuket Immigration Office. We also submit all visa renewals throughout your visa period – no need to leave Thailand.

3 months


MoE letter

visa application

visa collection

immigration fees incl.

6 months


MoE letter

visa application

visa collection

immigration fees incl.

1 or 2 renewals

9 months


MoE letter

visa application

visa collection

immigration fees incl.

2 x renewals

12 months


MoE letter

visa application

visa collection

immigration fees incl.

3 x renewals

We are the longest established school in Phuket and have a 100% success record for ED visa applications. If you want to study – great! If you don’t, that’s OK too!

Message, call or drop by our office for a free consultation. Bring your passport with you and we’ll tell you right away what we can do and how long it will take.

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frequently asked questions

Do you guarantee that I will get an ED visa?

We can’t guarantee it, but your fee is fully refundable if your ED visa application is declined. We do not give refunds once ED visas have been issued.

How long does it take to get the ED visa?

Once we have your details we will make an application to the local Education Office. It takes them about 2 weeks to issue the letter needed to submit with your ED visa application at Phuket Immigration.

Is it possible to work with an ED visa?

You cannot work on an ED visa. If you find work in Thailand you must apply for a non-immigrant O or B visa and a work permit.

Can I re-apply for an ED visa?

This will depend on how many ED visas you have had, what language you studied and how long for. Contact us with the details of your previous visas and we will let you know what your options are.

Do I have to make visa runs?

No, you don’t need to leave Thailand for the duration of your visa.

What nationalities can apply?

Anyone can apply for an ED visa, but anyone from a country in Africa, the Middle East or South Asia are often rejected.

Can I change my non-immigrant visa for an ED visa in Thailand?

It is only possible to change from a tourist visa to an ED visa. You will have to make a trip to a neighbouring country if you have any other visa type.

Is it possible leave Thailand once I have an ED visa?

You can leave Thailand but your ED visa will be invalidated if you do not obtain a re-entry permit before exiting. This should be applied for at the Immigration Office in Phuket Town and there is a small charge. The re-entry permit allows you to re-enter with the unused portion of your ED visa reactivated (not extended).

Can I change schools and/or province and keep my ED visa?

This is not possible. Phuket Education office does not allow students to keep their ED visa when changing school. You will have to apply for a new ED visa.